Free Advent Calendar

How to get moving and stay happy throughout the festive period.


Get moving in Advent

Look no further to get moving and keep happy in the run up to Christmas without having to sacrifice the time you don't have. Download the FREE Advent Calendar today!

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So, what's it all about?

Well, this plan is for you if you want to get a bit more active over the advent period. You'll receive a daily email from 1st to 24th December with a Christmas song to sing and dance along to (no gyms here, just fun!) and 5-10 minutes of activity to do. Some of the activities relate to Christmas, some focus on happiness, others are about moving a bit more.

Who is it for?

This calendar, and the emails that go with it, are perfect for you if you have been caught in the yo-yo dieting mindset for too long, if you would like to move a bit more but hate the gym, if you find Christmas can be a bit overwhelming. If you just want to hide on the sofa and wait for it all to be over!